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Post by Monn on Sun Jun 29, 2008 1:57 am

First of all, it's used. Well, I used it.

But since I'm a hypocrite, it's still in a good condition. So why am I selling this? Don't ask me why...

So, I have one "ORANGE RANGE" (4th album) Limited Ed. (CD+DVD). I bought it from CDJapan so you don't have to question about its originality. Like a Star @ heaven

Though regretly I have to say that the track "UN ROCK STAR" got a little messy at the end. The guitar part at the veeeeery end was played twice. I have no idea why and truthfully it's not the reason why I sell the album.

The lowest price would be USD 19.8 (not including shipping charge). Shipping option is EMS only (I found it as the most reliable shipping service) and it'll be shipped from Indonesia. more thing.. I only accept PayPal. Embarassed

Anyone who can send me a PM the fastest for this will get it. Of course he/she will have to be the one who can pay the highest. Very Happy Thanks!

I may take some time to reply since they haven't repair the internet connection. Dx But anyone interested just send me a PM anyway and we'll talk about it!

SOLD Thanks!!!

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Selling "ORANGE RANGE" (CD+DVD) Empty Re: Selling "ORANGE RANGE" (CD+DVD)

Post by DreadFox on Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:50 am

Ooooh, CD+DVD. If I had any money left over from my CDJapan purchase, I'd totally take you up on that. XD, but sadly, my current shopping cart is all I can afford.

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