something about Orange Range latest live on 7/22

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something about Orange Range latest live on 7/22 Empty something about Orange Range latest live on 7/22

Post by kennie on Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:35 am

This is about their latest live "ORANGE RANGE LIVE ~one~" on 7/22.
Guys who can understand chinese can go HERE to see the original report.

The live is amazing and I want to translate the last part which is about HIROKI's solo.
During the encore part,
HIROKI solo 2ヶ月ぶりのHoliday.
Since this is solo, HIROKI told other members to do something on the stage so that the stage will not be too dull.
Members accept it with unwanted tone and face.

When HIROKI is singing,
RYO and NAOTO are acting first.
They act as BBQ on the stage, and there is raining suddenly,
then they stop BBQ and go back to backstage.

after that, a beautiful woman with long gold hair, wearing very short one-piece appear on the stage, and she (he) is YAMATO!!!!! Shocked Shocked Shocked
YAMATO has thin legs, white skin and perfect body outline!!!!
She turn around on the stage, and,
when her hip is facing the audience,
she lift up her skirt, showing her black underwear!!!! Embarassed Embarassed
all the fans are shocked by YAMATO. She looks sooooooo beautiful and attractive!!!! Embarassed
then YAMA go back to backstage after he make eyes at fans. What a Face

NAOTO and drumer SAKURAI go on the stage then.
they sit very very close on the stage.
SAKURAI flirted with NAOTO and NAOTO act as very shy.
SAKURAI want to kiss NAOTO suddenly Shocked and NAOTO is shocked so he try to stop it.
However at the end SAKURAI still kiss on the face of NAOTO. What a Face
NAOTO leave the stage with shy smile! Embarassed Embarassed

after that, staff make a sound effect that it is raining.
and HIROKI act as singing under raining.
and YOH appear with a umbrella.
he give the umbrella to HIROKI, smiling to him,
and run to backstage under raining.
it is so touching Embarassed
HIROKI hold the umbrella until he finished.

at the last,
fans sing together (the lyric "降っても降っても雨だね、晴れ待っても待ってもダメだね")
HIROKI stop singing and listen to voice of fans.
and he shouted "MUM! has you listen it? tokyo people is kind and nice! they keep singing together and dont want to stop! MUM! listen it! they are still singing!...."
and all the fans laugh Very Happy
this part finally end after they sing together for 5 mins!!
very touching ..

really want to watch their live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
looking for DVD again.............
want to see shy face of NAOTO Embarassed
want to see woman yamato Embarassed Embarassed

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something about Orange Range latest live on 7/22 Empty Re: something about Orange Range latest live on 7/22

Post by Rakuyou321 on Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:56 pm

OMG!!!!!! SO NICE!!!! 2 gatsu buri no holiday is my all time favourite!!!!!!! <3 Hiroki~!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I want to listen you sing it live!!!!!!!! <3
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