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OR to appear at NHK special Empty OR to appear at NHK special

Post by sasori on Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:35 am

i found this ! Smile i copied and pasted it from the website LOL.;

On August 8th, the NHK television network in Japan will be airing the special, “Anata ga Shuuyaku 50 VOICE.” The concert event serves as a summer voice special for vocalists, and many special guests will be on the program. The show will feature over 30 guests, including Abe Natsumi, ORANGE RANGE, DEPAPEPE, RAG FAIR, RIZE, Ami Suzuki, RSP, ACIDMAN, and Dragon Ash.

The 50 Voice special asked 50 different people one simple question: What is unforgettable? This question was posed to attendees at the live house where the event was filmed and will be answered on the program.

The answers came from over 30 individuals, ranging from artists to lighting and stage staff members to a Hawaiian store owner. All their answers and memories of music will be included in the program.


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OR to appear at NHK special Empty Re: OR to appear at NHK special

Post by IchaIchaMako on Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:17 pm

sweet i hope we will soon get the ripped vid Razz

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